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The easiest way for SMEs to recruit a research panel and ask them anything you want by survey.


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The easiest survey management:

For SMEs, a lot of survey management software is too complicated and therefore too expensive. This is why PanelPioneer focuses on the parts you cannot do yourself: recruitment tooling and survey building.

Recruit your own research panel

Use our set of tools to easily find respondents among your users and customers.

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Ask your panel anything

Monitor branding and NPS, ask opinions about future products & services or research anything else.

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Build your own research groups

With PanelPioneer, you can create your own research groups of people recruited with the same reason. Churned customers, employer panels, prospects, anybody you can think of. Use our registration API our of of the box forms to start researching.

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Create super simple surveys

Creating studies is so simple, anybody can do it. Even without prior experience. Ask straightforward questions to get the best results and send the survey out to your own research groups.

Activation is built in

The e-mail reminders will make sure your respondents will fill in your survey, getting the most out of your research group. Just made a new study for an existing research group? We will make sure everybody is notified. Even setting a reward for a lucky winner and determining that winner is built in.

activation is build in

Research is affordable: our pricing



  • 1 research group
  • 1 study
  • 200 activation e-mails per month
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  • 10 research groups
  • 20 studies
  • 5.000 activation e-mails per month



  • 50 research groups
  • 200 studies
  • 20.000 activation e-mails per month